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Why Energy Rates are Rising, and What You Can Do About It!

Why Energy Rates are Rising, and What You Can Do About It!


Electricity tower and electric line and dollar cash background, Electricity spending, Electricity infrastructure investment, Urbanization concept, double exposureEvery year we see our electric rates continue to rise. New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG) stated electric delivery rates will increase 23.7% as early as May 2020. Articles of a similar nature are being published in cities all over the country. We all see electric rates increasing in Florida, as legislation is being passed to make the electric grid more hurricane resilientThe increasing energy costs lead to homeowners all over the country asking the same two questions: 

  1. Why is my electric bill rising? 
  2. How can I save money on electricity?


Why is my electric bill rising?


There are several factors that affect electric rates. The largest cost electric companies face is generating electricity. The maintenance and operations costs for operating a power plant continues to increase, and with that electric rates go up as well.  The price of fuel is one of the driving forces that lead to increased costs to generate electricity. During periods of high demand for fuel electric rates go up due to the increased prices the electric companies have to pay to produce energy.  

We also see increased electric rates when the demand for electricity goes up. The demand for electricity goes up in the summer when people are running their air conditioners, and in the winter when people put up their holiday lights. This leads to higher electric bills for consumers, and more money for the electric companies.  

Weather conditions also play a huge role in the cost of electricity. Major storms can cause damage to powerlines, and transformers. The cost of fixing these damages lead to higher costs for the consumer. Finally, regulations can affect the consumers electric bill. Some states regulate electric rates so they are consistent state wide, while other allow customers to choose an electricity providerStates such as California, Delaware, and New York are some examples of states that are deregulated. Both regulated, and deregulated states face increased electric rates year after year. As there is no end in sight for these rising electric rates, consumers are looking for ways to save money on electricity. 

How Can I Save Money on Electricity? 


Saving money on electricity in 2020 may seem like an impossible task. Alternative energy may seem out of reach for many families financially.  In reality these are myths! It is a fact that solar energy can save consumers money long term. Check out our article Rising Energy Costs In New York – How Can I Save?.

New York, along with several other states have passed legislation to incentivize alternative energy. For example, iNew York City the green new deal has been passed to help make New York City carbon neutral by 2050. Another example of this is California passing a law that requires solar to be put on all new construction homes starting in 2020. Laws like this increase the amount of clean energy being put into the grid. Thus, lowering electric rates due to decreased cost for electric companies. Solar is one of the most easily accessible alternative energy sources for consumers. Laws implementing clean energy, and tax credits decrease the barriers to entry for solar. California has incentive programs to decrease barriers for low income families to go solar. You can also check out our article How Much Federal Solar Tax Credit Will I Receive in 2020? to learn more about tax credits.

Another solution is energy management. There are several simple steps you can take to reduce your energy consumption, including replacing incandescent light bulbs for LED alternatives. Check out our article How To Save Energy for more ways you can decrease your energy consumption. 

Utility costs will continue to rise, and consumers must start think about alternatives to the current system. The factors that increase electric rates are out of consumers control, and it is time for homeowners take control of this situation. Intelligent Green Solutions offers more than just solar installation, we are a company that prides ourselves on our energy management consulting as well. If you are ready to start learning about 
how you can start combatting rising energy rates reach out for a free quote today, and follow our social media accounts for more energy saving tips!