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IGS connects our customers to financing solutions that make sense for your home or business.



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IGS Lending Solutions

Solar Financing


Solar and renewable energy has been made affordable today through nationwide lending partners. IGS, has developed relationships with best lending partners to bring affordable financing options to our customers.

Our lending partners understand the benefits of smart technology solutions and are happy to help both businesses and families find creative ways to reduce the up-front cost of owning a system.

What’s the best part?

We’re here to help walk you through the process with our lending partners. Simple and, streamlined application processes let you focus on your home and business and not a confusing underwriting process.

Lending Partners

Responsible Investment Solutions

How to get started



Going into financing with the right partners makes all the difference. Let us work together and help streamline the process with determining the best way to finance your renewable energy system.

Whether you’re looking at a third party owned system or a financed system, we can help walk you through the best options for your project.

Check if your location is eligible

Our renewable energy associate will visit your site to determine if your site location is eligible for a qualified renewable energy system.

Get Pre-qualified

Once we have your site location eligibility details, we can work together to determine which of our lending partners can get you qualified financing for your system.

Get Funded

Get approved and funded within 24hrs on most systems.

Start Saving

Let IGS install your system and start seeing the savings by making your own power!

Bridging the Gap

Simplified Financing Solutions

Our focus is on delivering cutting edge technology at affordable prices. We also offer creative payment options from leasing to partnerships in order to best fit any budget. Rest assured, you will pay the lowest rate possible for solar energy!

Benefit Cash Financed IGS PPA
No Personal Credit Checks
Receive 26% Tax Credit
No Money Down
Immediate Underwriting Approval
Own Your System
Build Equity in Your Home
Fixed Energy Price
Reduce your Energy Bills
Extended Warranty Plans

Total energy management as


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which areas do you currently service?

New York, California, Pennsylvania, and Delaware

What technology can you finance?

Solar electric, solar hot water, heat pumps, and energy efficiency upgrades

Do I need to visit a bank to get financing?

Most of our partners have an online application process making it hassle free during the approval process.

Can I use my own bank for financing?

Absolutely! We always encourage working with your current bank to finance your system.

Do you offer non-recourse financing?

Yes, we offer non-recourse solar financing on systems larger than 100kw.

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We don’t spam or sell your contact information. Let us meet with you to learn how we can help you start saving energy and building energy independence for your home.

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