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Integrated Smart Power

Solutions for your Home & Business

Let’s discover how IGS’s smart energy systems help move your home and business to a more reliable heating and cooling solution. Cost effective, low maintenance and reliable.

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Easy Retrofit

Retrofit your existing heating and cooling system

Solar Electric Integration

Integrate with your solar electric system to power your heat pump.

Cold Climate Ready

IGS's smart heating and cooling suitable for -20 degrees F.

Our approach



With over 20 years of experience in the solar energy industry, IGS delivers world class technology together with a passionate team dedicated to helping our customers utilize smart technologies in their home. Let us help understand your energy bills and find ways to cost effectively build energy independence for your home. Today’s renewable energy technologies are affordable, proven and an effective way to build equity in your home.


Over the past 20 years we’ve been helping families and business owners tap into reliable and cost effective solar renewable energy technologies. Let us share our experiences and what we’ve learned to help you and your family.


As a home owner, building equity in your home means building equity in your future. Through solar and renewable energy technologies you can start building additional equity every month in your home.


Energy prices are on the rise, solar makes sense. Today, you can produce your own energy for less than you are paying the utility company. As energy prices increase, be prepared and take advantage of cost effective solar before it's too late.

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Your Comfort

With Less Energy

Heat pumps have been in use for over 30 years. The technology improvements today have reached the tipping point of replacing your old oil or gas furnace with an electric solution.

Do they really work? European and Japanese markets have adopted smart heating and cooling systems as their primary method of heating and cooling homes and businesses. Today, we are able to utilize these cutting edge technologies in conjunction with renewable energy systems to reduce energy costs and add energy independence.

How To


Indoor Unit

The indoor unit moves the energy from the outdoor unit into your home or business. Each unit is mounted in the designed location where you want to have clean, fresh heating and cooling.

Exterior Unit

The outdoor unit captures the energy from the outside air and converts it to energy used inside for heating and cooling.


each indoor unit and outdoor unit is connected with low profile insulated piping, to transfer the heat transfer fluid from outside to inside (similar to a normal air conditioning system).

Creative financing



Our focus is on delivering cutting edge technology at affordable prices. We also offer creative payment options from leasing to partnerships in order to best fit any budget. Rest assured, you will pay the lowest rate possible for solar energy!


No Personal Credit Checks
No underwriting required
Own Your System
Build Equity in Your Home
Reduce your Energy Bills
Fixed Energy Price

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No Money Down
Own Your System
Build Equity in Your Home
Reduce your Energy Bills
Fixed Energy Price

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No Money Down
Commercial Only
Reduce your Energy Bills up to 20%

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Roadmap to success



At IGS we strive to let our customers upgrade their home or business without causing interruptions to their daily routine. Our process is simple, transparent, and always with you in mind.

We believe process is king. Careful planning and a standard road map for delivering our customers an experience they want to talk about.

As a customer you can relax knowing IGS only utilizes their own sales, technicians, and engineers on our team. We believe being able to control the process helps ensure our customers receive the best experience becoming a part of the IGS family.

1. Site Survey:

Let our heat pump professionals survey your site to provide accurate system sizing and performance information for our engineering teams to use in their design process.

2. Installation:

Our trained in-house renewable energy technicians will visit you on site and complete the installation of your new heat pumps.

3. Inspection:

IGS performs both internal quality control and performance inspections in addition to the required local building permits to keep your system running safe.

4. Training:

Knowledge is everything. Upon completion of your installation, our sales professional will review your completed heat pump system and help answer any questions about the systems operation, savings and online monitoring platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of heat pumps do you use?

Depending on your project requirement we install Daikin or Mitsubishi heat pump systems.

Do you offer extended service packages?

Yes, we offer extended service and warranty programs up to 10 years.

How long does it take for an installation?

Installations typically take less than 1 week for the actual install and up to 60 days depending on permitting requirements and installation project queues.

What is the coldest outdoor temperature where we can still maintain heating?

We can still deliver heating in areas where the outdoor temperature is -20F

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