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Energy Management

Solutions for your Home & Business

The internet of things is here. Start using modern technology to optimize the energy performance of your home.

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Control your home or businesses heating and cooling bills.


Smart lighting controls reduce

Plug-in Use

Help control "ghost" loads in your home through smart plug in management.

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With over 20 years of experience in the solar energy industry, IGS delivers world class technology together with a passionate team dedicated to helping our customers utilize smart technologies in their home. Let us help understand your energy bills and find ways to cost effectively build energy independence for your home. Today’s renewable energy technologies are affordable, proven and an effective way to build equity in your home.


Over the past 20 years we’ve been helping families and business owners tap into reliable and cost effective solar renewable energy technologies. Let us share our experiences and what we’ve learned to help you and your family.


As a home owner, building equity in your home means building equity in your future. Through solar and renewable energy technologies you can start building additional equity every month in your home.


Energy prices are on the rise, solar makes sense. Today, you can produce your own energy for less than you are paying the utility company. As energy prices increase, be prepared and take advantage of cost effective solar before it's too late.

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We don’t spam or sell your contact information. Let us meet with you to learn how we can help you start saving energy and building energy independence for your home.

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