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All companies aim to keep their customers happy. Here at IGS, we believe that starting with the customer first and working towards a solution ensures the customer is always the focus of the end-product.

We grow our company through referrals and our customer sharing their experience with others. While we strive for excellence, we aren’t perfect and always welcome the valuable feedback and experience from our customers to help us continuously innovate and provide the best solutions to our customers.

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I have had a great experience with my IGS installed system from start to finish and highly recommend them. They have been great with following up to ensure my satisfaction. "My system has exceeded my expectations!"

Eric Z

Homeowner, Broadalbin, NY

IGS was professional and its been a win-win situation ; I would highly recommend IGS to any business.

Doug Rice

CEO, Parkview Julian Convalescent, CA

I am very happy with my installation done by IGS. The installers and staff were great, on time and very respectful. Everyone was awesome!

Octavio Morales

Owner, Las Tres Casuelas Restaurant, CA

It was a wonderful experience working with IGS. Everything went very smooth and on schedule. My system is working as promised and is saving me money and I highly recommend working with IGS and I have been referring my family and friends!

Sam Lakani

Homeowner, Bakersfield, CA

Our experience with IGS has been great. We were well informed throughout the process and everything went as expected. The entire staff has been professional and courteous. In terms of aesthetics, the system looks great and we are very happy we made this decision.”

George Roefs

Homeowner, Unadilla, NY

As a customer of IGS for about a decade, I have had nothing but pleasant experiences with the sales and service staff. My solar hot water system has been fully operational for that time with no issues whatsoever.

Andy Matviak

Mayor, Sidney, NY

We were so pleased to learn that our property would qualify for solar. We believe that everyone who can do it, should do it. We are very happy with the design and location of the system. The system has proven its value with our cost savings. The entire IGS crew was very professional and everything was completed as expected and in a timely manner.

Whit and Rosemary

Homeowner, Oneonta, NY

Running a manufacturing facility requires a lot of hot water for facility cleanup. I've been a customer of IGS for over three years, having both a system on my manufacturing building and residence. Both systems have been running great, providing us with more than enough hot water.

They are frequently checking up on the system to verify everything is running properly. Have recommended to friends and family.

Eric W

CEO & Owner, USA Custom Pad, NY

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