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Intelligent Green Solutions (IGS) founded in Ithaca, New York, specialized in the project management of government and commercial solar thermal systems. Through our close partnership with SunMaxx Solar, IGS provided world class project management services packaged together with SunMaxx Solar systems to US military bases and high-profile clients worldwide.


NY Operations

Opens New York house agricultural sales development office offering turnkey financing solutions for eastern seaboard agricultural customers seeking to reduce their energy cost using solar thermal technology and energy efficiency.


Solar Thermal Leasing

Solar thermal leasing program launched. IGS creates first small to medium size solar thermal system leasing platform for commercial and industrial customers.


Maryland Expansion

Expands installation operations in Maryland, offering commercial solar thermal solutions to agricultural & small business customers.


California Here We Come

Expands manufacturing, sales and installation offices to California’s Central Valley, helping industrial and agricultural customers reduce their energy usage by implementing cost effective solar thermal leasing program.


Residential Solar Hot Water for Low Income Communities

IGS begins offering residential solar hot water systems for low-income communities in the Central Valley. Proprietary low-cost systems help homeowners reduce their hot water bills by up to 80%.


Commercial Solar Thermal Space Heating

IGS develops commercial space heating systems for industrial applications and the agricultural sector, deploying over 100 systems in a northeast pilot program.


Solar Electric with Battery Storage Launched

IGS expands its offering to provide commercial and residential solar electric systems with battery backup to customers in California, New York and Delaware.


IGS Offers Smart Heat Pumps by Daikin Samsung and Mitsubishi

We're thrilled to announce the latest expansion of our product offerings! IGS now brings you state-of-the-art smart heating and cooling heat pumps, manufactured by industry leaders – Samsung, LG, Daikin, and Mitsubishi. Seamlessly integrating innovative technology with energy efficiency, our new range ensures optimal comfort for your home, while also contributing to a sustainable future. Dive into a world of advanced temperature control with IGS's trusted quality and these top-tier brands.


IGS Expands Installation Operations to Nashville Tennessee

Exciting news for homeowners and businesses in the Nashville area and its surroundings: We're now offering both off-grid and grid-connected solar electric systems! These systems not only allow you to harness the sun's power for daily use but also come equipped with battery backup systems. These batteries charge up throughout the day, ensuring that you're never left in the dark during power outages. Plus, when your solar panels produce excess energy, these systems can help slash your monthly energy bills. Embrace a sustainable future while enjoying uninterrupted power and savings. Dive into a brighter tomorrow with us!

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Management team

Adam Farrell

CEO & Founder

Lara Biekowski

Director of Marketing and Communications

Aneek Syndhr

Operations & Finance Manager

Alex Hood

Regional Sales Manager

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Advisory team

Eric Leinwohl

Partner - Growth Strategy Adviser

Adam Sansiveri

Partner - Financing Strategy Adviser

John Francis

Residential Solar PV Adviser

Jesse White

Commercial Solar PV Adviser

Darko Kosic

Creative Designer Adviser

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IGS Ithaca HQ

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1143 Dryden Rd, Ithaca, NY 14850

IGS Nashville - Solar Electric & Heat Pumps

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783 Old Hickory Blvd #390, Brentwood, TN 37027

IGS Clean Energy Training Center - Bainbridge New York

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2907 State HW 7 Bainbridge, NY 13733

IGS California HQ

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3426 Gilmore Ave., Bakersfield, CA 93308

IGS Innovation Center

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Ul. Czysta 14/6, 31-121. Kraków

IGS Delaware HQ

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905 Seachase Ln Greenwood, DE 19950

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