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How to save energy

How to save energy

Regularly we give you energy saving tips. Now we have put together a best of. Have fun reading and learn how to save energy and money.

How to save energy

Our high-efficiency solar hot water and electric systems help you to save energy. You can take the first step yourself and reduce your energy consumption. We do the rest with our products. We have collected a whole bunch of tips what you can do to save energy and money.

Save energy with your lightning

Let’s start with lightning. A simple first step towards reducing your own energy consumption: Replace your light bulbs with qualified LED and CFL light bulbs. 💡 LED light bulbs use a fraction of the energy that incandescent and fluorescent bulbs use. As a bonus, they also do not generate heat like traditional light bulbs! Save on your electric bill and keep your home cool by switching to LED bulbs.

Sometimes it’s even worth to turn the lights off. Many times, during the year it’s quite sunny. Let the sunlight in and use the sun as a source of light. Open your blinds and use the sun as your natural light. Or even as a source of energy. Let the sun produce your power and save even more on your monthly bill. Reach out to us to learn more.

Save also during winter season

As the days are getting shorter during wintertime, it will be dark for a longer period each day. Still, turn the lights off you don’t need. Lighting accounts for up to 12% of an average electricity bill. By the way: if you are thinking about your own solar system – this will also produce energy in winter.

House with holiday lights

Holiday lights make your house look nice – but don’t waste your money!


Winter also means holiday season. During which the houses are getting decorated. Especially fairy lights and other light accessories are very popular as outdoor and indoor decoration, on Christmas trees etc. Of course, this also means that energy consumption is increasing, especially if you still use the 1990 chain of lights. Time to exchange it for a new one.
One should pay attention to buy energy-efficient models. It definitely makes sense to avoid incandescent bulbs. LED lights should be used instead: They consume less energy and last longer.
Make sure you save energy, relax during the peaceful time and take care of the gifts for your loved ones and of course enjoy the light decoration – without a guilty conscience.

For sure Christmas outdoor lighting always looks beautiful and festive during the Holiday Season. Why not switching to solar holiday lights? There is still enough sunlight (even when you don’t think so) to make those lights running during winter time.

As soon as it is dark out it looks beautiful and festive with all the decorated and lighted houses. But they don’t have to be on when everyone is already fast asleep. To control the running time of the lights easily, you can attach a timer. This way the lights are automatically switched off at night and switched on again the next day only when it is dark outside – or depending on the setting. This saves electricity and money. And let’s be honest, we can invest the money better in a few presents for our loved ones.

Save energy in your household

Enough about lightning. There are more areas where you can save energy. Let’s face on the household. We will start with the kitchen. There are plenty of electric devices in every kitchen. For example, a dishwasher. Our tip: Let your dishes air dry and avoid using the dry cycle of your dishwasher. How much you save depends on your machine: from 15 up to 50%! And in general: avoid using large appliances such as the dishwasher and dryer in summer during the day. These appliances generate heat, making your air conditioner work harder! Wait until it gets dark to use these appliances and you will see the energy savings.

Save energy with your kitchen devices

Another device you can find in every kitchen: the fridge. Our tip: If your fridge or freezer is empty: switch it off – if it will stay empty for another while. From an energy efficiency point of view it’s worth switching it off even when it’s just for a long weekend you will be gone. If you do so: leave the doors open to prevent mould developing. It’s also a good opportunity to clean your fridge 😉 (not everyone‘s favorite task but important once in a while to get rid of a variety of bacteria your fridge contains).

Use electric efficiency products

Use energy efficient household appliances.


During the Holiday Season it is the time of baking cookies and gingerbread, and on the actual holidays roasts, pies and more are added. So, the oven is very much in use.
Use it sensibly to save energy. Once the oven is on and energy is used to heat it, the oven should be used to bake several things at the same time. This does not even require much more planning: prepare different dishes and place them together in the oven when the required temperature allows.

Other devices you can make sure you save energy with

Another very often used household item is the washing machine. Even when your clothes’ laundry label indicates a high temperature, that doesn’t mean you have to wash it that hot. With today’s detergents and average soiled laundry, you can also wash at cold temperatures and thus save energy.

In general, we advise to use energy-efficient appliances. Older devices often consume far too much energy. Find out what is the case with your products, replace them or pay attention to their energy consumption the next time you buy them. Even if you are well equipped when it comes to your household devices – and we’re big fans of recycling and reusing things – with electronic equipment it’s sometimes better to switch to a new one if it shows a clear improvement in the energy efficiency class.

Also while you’re not actively using electrical devices such as computers, laptops, TVs and many more, don’t use a screen saver but switch to sleep or hibernate mode instead.

Don’t waste energy while cooling or heating

In summer, when it’s hot outside, we like it cool inside. In winter, when It’s cold, we want it to be warm in our house. Both, cooling and heating, uses a lot of energy. Using blinds or shades in your home during the day can help keep your house cool without the use of electricity. This will help reduce energy costs and add some extra décor to your home!

Instead of using an air conditioner or I addition to that, one can also turn on a ceiling fan. They are not just for collecting dust. Using ceiling fans helps with air circulation and can keep your home 4 degrees cooler without adjusting the air conditioner!

A thermostat can help managing your temperature inside. Have a programmable thermostat as close to the outdoor temperature as comfortably possible to keep your energy bill lower! Upgrading to a smart thermostat can improve your energy efficiency even more by allowing you to adjust the temperature of your home even when you are not there through an app.

Save energy when heating during winter

To lose less heat when it’s cold outside, install energy efficient windows. Why lose energy when you can do something about it? The energy lost through windows can account for up to 25 percent of your total heating costs. The solution: double pane windows.

Save energy don't lose heat

Save energy when heating your house in winter.


Before the cold season starts you should also check your heating system and make sure everything is working properly. If you use a furnace or heat pump – make sure that the filter is changed regularly.
If you heat by burning wood or pellets, clean the flue vent regularly and the inside of the appliance occasionally. Our tip: Reduce your energy cost over 50 % with a heat pump water heater! It‘s more efficient and you will save on your electric bill. We can help you with this project. Contact us to learn more.

We are at your service as energy experts. Our trained staff will be happy to help you at any time. We look forward to continuing to provide energy saving tips.