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Why Use a Community Solar Marketplace

Why Use a Community Solar Marketplace

You might be debating between a community solar marketplace and owning your own system. Learn about what community solar is and why you should use it.

What is a Community Solar Marketplace?

A community solar marketplace or a solar farm is a large solar system shared between a group of individuals or organizations. The cost and power produced by these projects will then be split and shared between the participants.  

community solar array

Why Use a Community Solar Marketplace?

Clean Energy Future

Solar is one of the cleanest and most sustainable energy sources. Unlike fossil fuel, solar does not contribute to pollution, economic losses, and the destruction of the natural world. By going solar, you are helping us build a clean energy future. 

Renters & Lack of Ownership

There is often a misconception that going solar requires you to have your own house and property. This restrictrenters from experiencing the many financial and environmental benefits that solar provides. Nevertheless, that claim is false; if you lack ownership of a house, you can turn to community solar. Since it is a shared solar farmthere is no need to get your landlord’s permission to participate. However, owners will often be open to the idea of a solar system installed. According to the Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, homes with solar options sell as much as two times faster than homes without. Researchers have also found that homes with a solar system were able to sell at $15,000 more than a similar house without one. Click here to learn more about how installing a solar system can increase the resale value of the house.

Unsuitable Roofs

If you are a homeowner with an unsuitable roof, you should look at ground-mount systems before turning to community solar for it yields more financial benefitsIf the physical attributes of your house limit you from installing your own solar system, community solar would be the next best option. According to the DOE National Renewable Energy Laboratory, around 50% of both households and businesses are unable to host a solar system. Since the solar farm is a cluster of off-site ground-mounted solar panels, the condition of your roof would not be a problem.  

Save Money

If you have shares in a community solar marketplace, you will receive credits for your electric bill in exchange for your participation. You will be able to save around 5-10% on your bills. However, the financial benefits from community solar cannot compare to that of owning your own solar system. By owning your own solar panels, there is potential for you to eliminate your electric bill; instead of saving 5-10%, you can save up to 100%. Unlike those in community solar programs, those with their own solar system will also be able to receive federal and state tax incentivesClick here to learn more about incentives and how they can make going solar more affordable. 

saving money with solar

Community solar is a great alternative for those that lack ownership and/or the physical attributes necessary for solar installation. It is also a great environmentally friendly option for those that can’t install solar panels! However, if you are not limited by ownership or attributes, owning your own solar system is the more financially smart decision. Click here to find a comprehensive comparison between owning your own system and investing in community solar.