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Why Solar Energy Makes Sense?

Why Solar Energy Makes Sense?

Today we will help to answer the question “Why does solar energy make sense for you and the planet.”

Why does solar energy make sense?

The energy that is essential to run our daily lives is responsible for 87 percent of the carbon dioxide emissions we produce. Among other uses, we require a significant amount of this energy to heat and cool our homes, for lighting, and transportation.

Recently, I assessed my ecological footprint and was astonished to see that my lifestyle requires the resources of 4.5 earths. The harsh reality of our ever-increasing consumption of energy needs to be addressed.  Our unsustainable consumption of energy is why we are living in the midst of an urgent climate crisis.

You might be familiar with the 2 degrees Celsius threshold as set by the Paris Agreement. This goal can only be attained with the complete decarbonization of the power sector by 2050, a mere 30 years away. That’s where solar energy comes in.

Solar energy is clean energy. Clean energy is carbon neutral.

The sun gives off more energy than necessary to power everything on Earth. Yet we continue to rely on fossil fuels, a finite and unsustainable resource, to power our lives. Why? If you are not convinced by the urgency of our climate crisis, allow me to discuss the cost advantages of solar energy.

The Cost Advantage

The average cost of an IGS Photovoltaic (PV) Solar System is between 20 and 25K. As seen in the graph below, this customer paid approximately 200 dollars per month for their non-renewable energy supply. With their new PV Solar System, their energy bill dropped from 200 dollars per month to 15 dollars per month. Let’s assume your system costs 25K. In the 25-year lifetime of your PV Solar System, you will save 36K. Solar energy is a long-term, low-risk investment for you, the purchaser, and the planet.

Solar for Change

Finally, beyond the costs of going solar, it is so important to consider our moral obligation to our planet and younger generations. If you need a final push towards solar energy, I challenge you to assess your impact. How can you leave a lasting positive impact on our planet?

Together, we will reach carbon neutrality by 2050, one Solar Energy System at a time. Find out more here about your future PV Solar or Solar Thermal System.