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Solar Electric Savings in New York

Under the hood of your solar system.

Since we’ve had a few inquiries about understanding a solar proposal from IGS – we figured it made sense to share an example of an energy model (which calculates the performance of the solar energy system). The PDF’s of the different proposals are included here as a reference for educational purposes. If you’d like to have a proposal for your home or business, just let us know – we are happy to assist.

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Step 1 – How much energy are you using?

Using 12 months of your utility information (electric bills), we can determine the average usage for your home and business. If you think you’re energy usage will change from the past 12 months, we can model this into our system design software.

Step 2 – Where will your solar panels go?

Depending on your site location, we have the options of mounting solar panels directly on the roof “roof mount” or on the ground. See the example below. For most residential applications we are able to locate arrays as far as 500ft from your home or business.

Step 3 – The economics, how much will it cost and save?

As one would imagine, the solar system economics will vary from site to site depending on existing electric costs, rebates and how well the solar energy system is designed. Our technical team has been working in the solar industry for over 20 years, with the aim of designing optimized systems for our customers.

If I finance the system do I own it?

Yep! We offer solar specific financing programs from our lending partners which make going solar easy. If you prefer to work with your local bank or lender, not a problem! We’ve worked with lenders across the US.

This example would apply to a residential customer near Ithaca, NY with normal site conditions (not the best but not the worst), installing a solar energy system on their home. (this is one of our offices in Upstate NY).


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Other Frequently Asked Questions on Solar

Can I go solar with no money down?

Yes! IGS provides easy to understand financing which allows you to OWN your own solar system for no money down. When we come out to review your site our local renewable energy specialists will check to see if your home qualifies (takes 5-10 minutes).

Do solar panels work in the winter time?

Yes – check out of facebook posts with local installation projects working year-round.

Can I produce all the power my home will need?

Yes – we can design a solar system to produce 100% of your annual electrical consumption. In most cases we design your system to produce 110% of your power.

How do I receive a 25% state tax credit for my solar system in New York?

When you file your taxes we will share with you the state tax form to claim your solar tax credit (most HR block type services will walk you through these forms).

How do I receive a 26% federal tax credit for my solar system?

The IRS provides an easily to fill out form where you can claim the money you’ve spent on your solar electric system. Again – most online accounting software will walk you through this step (if you are not using a CPA). Need help? Just give us a call!

Will my property taxes go up with solar on my home?

Depending on the state – most solar electric systems are property tax exempt. Not sure? Just give us a call.

How much are my utility energy prices going up?

Google your local utility companies “energy rate increase xxx”, you’ll find most energy companies are increasing their supply and delivery rates.

See local news article from pressconnects.com

Old Bill without Solar

New Bill with Solar

Proposal & Energy Model (pdf)

Solar works for everyone