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Lower Your Electricity Bill

Lower Your Electricity Bill

Have you considered saving on your electricity costs? Installing solar panels is not only beneficial for the environment but also to lower electricity bill. One of the best options for saving money on your long-term utility costs is installing solar panels. Solar panels are a significant long-term investment that will keep your electricity bill and have the potential even to eliminate your electricity bill.

Be Energy Efficient

A solar installation is most effective when your household uses more electricity. The more electricity you use, the more money you will save. The purpose of switching to solar is to generate more power from the sun than using more power from your current electric company.  It is essential to see your home’s size, home’s energy efficiency, and electricity usage to estimate how much electricity your household uses. Typically, energy-inefficient homes tend to have higher utility bills.

Electricity Rates

Electricity rates play a significant role in determining electricity savings. You can also calculate your yearly electricity expenses by viewing your annual electricity of kilowatt-hours (kWh) and multiplying that by the current average electricity rate to see how much you spend. As of March 2020, Hawaii, Connecticut, and Rhode Island have the highest electricity rates, with 33.10, 23.30, 23.25 cents/kWh, respectively. As of March 2020, Louisiana, Washington, and Idaho have the lowest electricity rates, with 9.08, 9.60, and 9.64 cents/kWh. In fact, the central locations Intelligent Green Solutions are installing are Florida, Delaware, New York, and California, with the following electricity rates: 11.64, 12.95, 17.17, and 20.49 cents/kWh, respectively. Switching to solar is beneficial when electricity rates are rising. You can find your electricity rate at your current stay at Electricity Rates By State.

Long Term Benefits

Installing solar panels comes with long term benefits. The longer you use solar panels, the more money you will save. Electricity bills are continuing to rise, and solar panels provide energy independence, allowing you to rely solely on your solar panel for electricity. Solar panels are incredibly durable and robust, lasting over 25 years, which are advantageous because they are unlikely to break down like machinery appliances such as washing machines and air conditioners. However, if something does go wrong with the solar panels, Intelligent Green Solutions has a 25-year warranty. Solar panels transition to a high return on investment because you can save much more than using your energy savings to pay off your solar installation costs.

Although there is an up-front cost, there are many loans and leases plan to pay for solar panels adequately. More information is found in the following article: How Solar Loans Can Help You Finance Your Solar Energy System. Those who have purchased solar panels corroborate that the benefits of the long term investment of solar panels weigh much more compared to not purchasing solar panels. With solar panels, your monthly bill with solar will continue to show results that you are indeed significantly reducing your electric bill amount. Solar energy appeals to everyone for various reasons; one significant selling point is controlling electricity bills.

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