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Sidney SPCA


Find out if solar makes sense for your home with a free proposal.

Please complete this form with required information to let us help you with producing your own energy! With the below information our local energy specialists will be able to qualify if your home or business is a good site for solar.

How does this help the local SPCA? 

For every participant that completes the below form and adds solar to their home or business we donate $200 towards your local SPCA.

Do you offer financing for the solar system?

Yes, we provide simple options for financing which make sure your financing costs are less than your current electric bill cost.

Is IGS a local company?

Yes – founded in 2011 by two brothers from Sidney, New York, helping build local jobs and connect technology innovations with our local community.


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family solar pv system

Solar Hot Water by IGS

The Delaware Valley Humane Society has a solar hot water system making clean solar hot water for the pets.