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What are the advantages of a ground mount solar system?

What are the advantages of a ground mount solar system?

A ground mount solar system or a roof system? What is the best option for you? Find out!

What are the advantages of a ground mount solar system?

When you think of a solar system for your own house or business, you often have the image of solar panels on the roof in your mind. But you can build the solar system just as well on the ground. This can even have some advantages.

IGS installs ground mount solar systems.

Most installed solar systems are on the roofs of houses. Not everyone has the space on the property to have a solar system built on the ground. The roof is often the only option.

You might want to think about a ground mount solar system

But if you have the space, it definitely makes sense to think about it. For example, an installation on the ground is more flexible than one on the roof. So that the system can effectively produce energy.

  • A roof may not be optimally aligned or it may even be too small.
  • A ground mounted system can be perfectly aligned to the required conditions.

Why you might want to consider a ground mounted system

Flexible & Easy

A solar system can be flexibly and easily installed on the ground, and accordingly it is more flexible to remove if desired.

More productive

Since the system can be perfectly aligned with the sun’s conditions, it may be more productive than a system on the roof. This also saves more money.

Easy to reach

If repairs are ever needed, the system is easy to reach.

Both options are great solutions!

It is not possible to say in general which of the two systems is better than the other. It all depends on your individual situation.

We appreciate your interest. We are here to give you the best advice. Together we can find out what options you have: Solar panels to be mounted on your roof. Or a system in your garden. Reach out to us.