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The Multiple Benefits of Being Energy Efficient

The Multiple Benefits of Being Energy Efficient

Everyone is talking about energy efficiency – but what exactly is it and why should I be energy efficient? Energy efficiency is when you use less energy to perform the same task. Here, you can understand the multiple benefits of being energy efficient.

multiple benefits of being energy efficient

The growth of populations and technologies has led us to a new era where our ecosystems are suffering unprecedented change. It is critical now more than ever for the collective action of individuals to change the status quo. Not only does shifting to energy-efficient practices help address your moral concerns for the environment, but it is also easy, cost-effective, and improves the quality of your life! 

Energy Efficiency is Easy

It is commonly understood that a departure from the status quo requires tiring effort or is difficult to achieve. However, the transition to an energy-efficient household is very easy and accessible. We have outlined here some of the easy steps you can take to conserve energy. Some of these steps are as simple as switching your appliances off when they are not in use, changing your device’s energy settings, or using LED light bulbs. You can also contact us and we will make the process for you even easier!

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Energy Efficiency is Cost-Effective

Energy efficiency has a financial gain for individual households. Energy-efficient costs may at first be more expensive than other appliances. However, in the long run, you will receive a return on your initial investment. Every time you conserve energy, you are significantly increasing your available income. This is because by consuming less energy, you are lowering your energy bill costs. Many countries with energy-efficient incentives in place have found that their citizens have saved hundreds of dollars on bills. For example, Japan and the United Kingdom have saved an average of USD 300 per household yearly. German households have also saved an average of USD 370 of their yearly energy expenditure due to energy-efficient policies.  Studies predict that households could avoid a total of USD 201 billion in energy expenses by 2040 if everyone was energy efficient.

Energy-efficient measures can significantly impact business owners’ profits and competitive advantage in today’s market. Businesses are large consumers of energy and will often waste substantial amounts without knowledge. The average commercial building misuses about 30% of the energy consumed. US small businesses incur a total energy cost of more than USD 60 million per year. Increasing your building’s energy efficiency can lower your operating costs by 3 – 10%. With an expected continual rise in energy prices, it is in the business owners’ interest to invest in conserving energy.

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Energy Efficiency Improves the Quality of Your Life

Household energy efficiency can also greatly improve the quality of your life! Studies have shown that there is better health from higher quality indoor environments. People spend around 90% of their time indoors. This is concerning because indoor air pollution is usually 2 5 times worse than outdoor. The air quality of our homes affects our ability to confront health problems such as asthma, nausea, fatigue, and symptoms of respiratory conditions. According to the World Health Organisationair pollution is responsible for roughly 3 million premature deaths every year. Energy efficiency improves air quality, humidity levels, noise levels, and air temperatures which provide a safer indoor environment. As a result, energy-efficient practices have strongly been linked to supporting physical and mental health.  

Business owner investment in energy efficiency can also positively affect the environment and atmosphere for workers within the company. As mentioned earlier, energy efficiency promotes better physical and mental health by improving the quality of several indoor factors. According to a Singaporean studyemployees working in energy-efficient buildings have a smaller chance of suffering headaches, and exhaustionBetter health of personnel can significantly affect workplace performance and productivity.  

multiple benefits of being energy efficient

To find out more about how you can be energy efficient in your household, let us help you by contacting us here through our website! We would love to answer your questions and help guide you through the process.