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Solar for Climate Action

Solar for Climate Action

Why is it so challenging to take climate action? Read about how solar for climate action is a long-term investment that will positively impact the planet.

Solar for Climate Action

Every day we are challenged to take action on our climate crisis by making sustainable decisions. Often this means choosing between what is easy now and what is necessary for the future. These decisions can be small, like choosing to avoid takeout in Styrofoam containers, or much greater, like investing in an electric car. Regardless, these decisions are difficult because we, as humans, have trouble grasping the urgency of our climate crisis.  

Why a lack of urgency?

The facts are present, but the existential threat of global warming is unlike any danger we have experienced before. It looms over us, yet we continue to push the limits through the unsustainable consumption of fossil fuels. Why?  

Take this scenario: You are about to cross a street, and you see a bus approaching quickly. The speeding bus evokes an instant reaction; you avoid this threat because the consequences are clear.  

Now consider this one: The United Nations reports that there will be detrimental consequences in 25 years if we do not take climate action.  

Are you going to take immediate action? Most likely not because there are a plethora of factors that we must consider before becoming motivated to act. Earlier the idea of a tradeoff was mentioned. Essentially this is a tradeoff between short-term and long-term benefits. We tend to value short-term benefits greater than long-term benefits because they are most relevant to our lives today.  

Our Current Standing

So, now you know why these decisions are challenging. Let us consider a long-term investment in solar for climate action.  Currently, solar energy powers about 1.9 million homes in the U.S, offsetting more than 73 million tons of CO2 emissions. Tons of CO2 can be hard to comprehend, so we have broken this data down into tangible examples. 

73 million tons of CO2 is equal to planting 1.2 billion trees OR taking 15.6 million cars off the road. 

Solar Energy on an Individual Scale

Going solar is huge. It is more than just purchasing a system for your roof; you are investing in solar for climate action. We want our customers to understand that, as solar system owners, they are contributing significantly to the renewable energy revolution.

76% of all fossil fuels released into the atmosphere are CO2 emissions, with the majority coming from electricity and transportation.

With solar energy, you are powering your house, and maybe even your car, with sunlight instead of fossil fuels like coal, nuclear, and gas that produce high amounts of CO2 emissions. As mentioned previously, these long-term energy investments are not easy, but going solar for climate action is necessary to reach global emission standards. 

Go Solar for Climate Action

Interested in getting involved in Solar Advocacy? Click here to join the Solar Power Advocacy Network where you will join thousands of other advocates in reaching policymakers.  

Finally, if you are ready to go solar for climate action, contact us to get a quote!