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Solar Electric Keeps The Lights on with California's Blackouts

Solar Electric Keeps The Lights on with California’s Blackouts

Solar Electric Keeps The Lights on with California’s Blackouts

While blackouts in California becoming more often people switch to solar power.

To reduce the risk of devastating fires in the wilderness of California, blackouts are becoming more common. Because of this, more and more residents are using solar energy and battery storage.

Independency through solar energy

Sometimes the power supply is turned off for days – only the houses that are independent through solar energy and battery storage then still have electricity. This of course means that the system is not dependent on the grid connection, instead a battery storage is available. Before the power is switched off, there is a warning from the power supplier which ensures that the battery can be fully charged. While there is no external power supply, the system works independently and supplies the residents with energy from the solar system.

Solar to help the community

Apart from the personal benefit of having electricity available at all times, it also helps the community: the more people who use a battery storage system, the lower the risk of fires caused by the transport of electricity via cables that are no longer completely intact in forest areas.