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Useful Questions To Ask During a PV Solar Installation

Useful Questions To Ask During a PV Solar Installation

This blog post highlights some useful questions to ask during a PV installation that will allow for a more seamless experience.

Questions To Ask During A PV Solar Installation

Going through a solar installation project can be overwhelming when you don’t know the right questions to ask. Installing solar panels is a big investment, and as a customer, it is a process you will want to be informed about throughout the process. Keep reading to learn about some useful questions you will want to keep in mind while going through your solar installation process.

What are the steps of the installation process?

When considering what questions to asking during installation, your first question should be directed towards understanding what the various steps are in the installation process. It is also important to be aware of the overall timeline of the installation. This will give you peace of mind as you will be up to date on what is going on while allowing the installation process to go more smoothly.

Can your roof support solar panels?

Once you have decided what type of solar installation you want to integrate into your home, it is important to determine if your roof is in good condition to start the installment. It is much easier, and more cost-effective, to fix any damages before installing panels. IGS will check your roof and even offer to reproof as well!  

Next, IGS will assess your roof shape and type. Different roof types have different degrees of pitch and orientation, which has a huge influence on the panel’s exposure to the sun and the overall energy output of the system you choose to install.  If you want to go solar but do not think your roof shape, type, or orientation is suitable for the installment, IGS can design a personalized solar system that will optimize your energy production.

With the use of shade simulation, our team can find the best locations for your panels. A ground mount is always an option for large properties and can guarantee optimal energy production. 

How efficient is your home?

During the installation process, you should also consider what the energy efficiency of your home is to help determine what type and size of system you should install. How much energy do you use? What improvements should you make to your home before installing solar? Furthermore, It might be useful to sit down and analyze if your energy usage will increase or decrease in the coming years.

By determining how much energy you use from month to month, it will be easier to decide what the best solar installation option for your home is to accommodate your energy needs throughout the year. Determing what your energy usage is and maybe even reducing it, you will be able to improve your overall payback and decrease your carbon footprint.

What about warranties?

There are various types of solar installation options from which you can choose. Solar panels are known for being durable and long-lasting; however, it is still a good idea to be familiar with your system’s warranty.

The warranty  at IGS is for 25 years, which means if you finance the system for 20 years, your panels will be under warranty the entire time that you are paying off the system. For IGS’s inverter, you can choose to extend the warranty from 10 years to 25 years. If anything goes wrong with the system, IGS is alerted, and will help to resolve your issue.

Where Can I Find More Installation Information?

Now that you have some questions in your tool box to ask during installation, check out some options that you can go forward with on the IGS website!