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How does solar work? – A short insight

How does solar work? – A short insight

We have tried to break down the process for you of how sunlight becomes energy to answer the question: How does solar work?

A simple explanation how a solar system works

 It is the light of the sun, not it’s heat, that is needed for a photovoltaic (PV) system to work.

With the sun shining and sunlight impinging on the surface of the solar cell, electrons are extracted from the metal and move faster. The more sunlight hits the panel, the more the electrons move. Connected over an electrical circuit, there is a flow of power.  A direct current is generated.

Before we can use this power directly from the power outlet, one essential transformation has yet to happen: A power inverter converts the DC (direct current) into AC (alternating current), which is needed for all electronics in our households. With a solar battery installed excess energy can be stored here, if you produce more electricity than required.

How does solar work

Excess energy can also be sold back to the power grid. In this case a digital meter helps you to track your energy use and habits. The excess power is measured and calculated by the feed-in tariff. That will show as a credit on your account and help you to lower your electricity bill.

You want to see how it works in practice and watch your electricity bill shrink? Contact us and go solar now.