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How does solar power affect the economy?

How does solar power affect the economy?

For homeowners and owners of commercial buildings, having their own solar system makes financial sense in most cases. Using solar power also has a positive affect on the local economy: Solar creates jobs and you can support your local economy.

How does solar power affect the economy?

The solar industry provides a number of jobs. Many areas of the industry require local labor.

Solar industry provides jobs

Let’s take a look at some figures from the previous years (this refers to the USA):

  • 7.29 million jobs in construction
  • 18% of those involve work related to energy efficiency
  • 242,343 full time jobs related to the solar industry
  • Solar employment grew 11% from 2013 to 2018
  • Solar employment grew six times faster than overall employment
  • As of 2018 Solar pv installer is the second-fastest growing occupation
  • Solar industry employs twice as many workers as coal industry
  • The renewable energy sector offers better paid jobs for low and medium skilled workers compared to other sectors

Contribute to your community

By having your own solar system installed, you also have the opportunity to contribute positively to the local economy. Take us as an example: whether in New York, Delaware, Florida or California – local installers will install your solar system. Our local Renewable Energy Specialists will guide you through your project.

IGS supports local jobs

Our goal is to create jobs in the USA and likely to employ workers to strengthen the local economy. If this is important to you too, be sure to pay attention. Even though we wrote that solar power has a positive affect on the economy solar jobs do not always support the local economy. Many community solar projects are built by companies from states other than the one where it is actually built – just because it is cheaper. This has nothing to do with “community”. A pity!

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