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Funny reasons, why a solar panel does not work

Funny reasons, why a solar panel does not work

Why does my solar system not work? Why am I shown a single panel as inactive? Help – is something broken!?

Funny reasons, why a solar panel does not work

Sometimes it happens that individual solar panels stop working. If you have an IGS system, for example, you can track this very accurately with our app. There, every single solar panel is shown and errors are displayed. We also have access to it and control the systems we install on a regular basis to be able to react as fast as possible if something does not work as it should. But what are the reasons?

Why does a solar panel not work?

It could of course be a technical defect or an immense amount of snow that does not let light through. However, our experience is that panels are often shown as inactive due to other funny or interesting events.

A forgotten board...

wooden board on a solar panel

Once, when inspecting a system, we discovered that exactly one single solar panel did not work. All others were intact. During an on-site visit, it turned out that our customer had placed a wooden board on the solar panel. The system was a ground installation and he just wanted to put the board down for a moment – and then forgot to take it away again.

...and winter active squirrels

When a wooden board can cause excitement, then squirrels do so even more. So it already happened that a squirrel has established a nest under the solar system on a roof. It is certainly cosy and well protected from wind and weather. This would probably not be a problem, but it also enjoyed nibbling on the cables. Two panels switched off and that’s how it first became noticeable.

Solar panels are being repaired

Fortunately early enough. Only a few things needed to be replaced. A critter fence is now making sure that the little rodent will move back to the trees again in the future.

Our thank goes to Eva, who told us her solar squirrel story and sent us a picture.

Have you ever experienced something similar? Let us know. We are looking forward to funny and exciting stories from the daily life with a solar system.