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Does solar make sense for my seasonal home?

Does solar make sense for my seasonal home?

If you own a holiday home or a seasonal home, you might ask yourself: Does it make sense to install a solar system there?

Does solar make sense for my seasonal home?

We say: Yes of course! Find out why.

Solar PV and hot water system on holiday home

Why solar makes sense on a seasonal home

Your solar system produces electricity. Whether on your main house, your summer or winter house, your barn, … And it does that no matter if you are around or not at home. The difference is that when you are home, you use electricity. When you’re not there, you don’t use it. The excess electricity is then fed back into the grid.

Unused energy goes back into the power grid

The net-metering takes place monthly. But you can have the electricity fed back into the grid credited to you. So if the solar system produces more electricity than you use in a month, this amount is carried over to a month in which you use more electricity than the system produced.

A solar system is cost efficient

The homeowner’s usage pattern has no impact on cost efficiency, so homeowners who live in the house mainly during the cloudy winter months still save the same amount of energy on an annual basis as homeowners who live there during the summer months.

Save monthly costs

The great opportunity to be able to sell back additional electricity when it is not needed and buy additional electricity when it is needed makes photovoltaic economically more affordable.

But don’t just think about it and stop speculating. We would be happy to look at your individual case, come by to get an idea of your options and then show you what they are! Make your seasonal home green with solar and save money. Contact us!