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Renewable Energy Marketing Internship "EE project"

Intelligent Green Solutions is looking for an enthusiastic marketing intern to perform a variety of exciting tasks in the field of renewable energy.

Ithaca (USA), Aachen (Germany), Krakow (Poland)
Job Type:
Upper level English or Journalism major or similar field of study
After initial period, evaluation will be completed for consideration of a continued paid internship

IGS is ready for the next stage – what about you?

Be part of our newest project: enlighten.energy  with your Renewable Energy Marketing Internship.

We are looking for upper-level English or Journalism majors with a passion for renewable energy for an entry level intern position in the marketing department. Interns will be expected to conduct research on a variety of home-energy topics and write web content to be published on the company website. In addition, interns may write news articles covering a range of topics in the renewable energy industry and other home-energy related fields. Candidates should be able to convey information in a concise, compelling and cogent manner while meeting weekly deadlines. Interns will be expected to work 10-15 hours per week. It is required that applicants speak and write fluent and excellent English.


Tasks during the internship:

  • Research on renewable energy and home-energy topics
  • Writing & publishing web content
  • Editing content
  • Miscellaneous projects to help further the mission of IGS and EE


  • Upper level English or Journalism major or similar field of study
  • Fluent English-speaking and writing/ ability to freely communicate with others in English
  • Interested in marketing / communication / Writing
  • Detail oriented and passionate about writing
  • Enthusiastic and high energy
  • Availability of 10-15 hours per week

If reading this posting excite you and makes you want to get more into the smart energy and renewable space, then apply now. Please send your application and details via the form below.

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