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Types of Solar Installations That Can Power Your Home Or Business

Types of Solar Installations That Can Power Your Home Or Business

Going solar is one of the easiest decisions to make. You reduce your carbon footprint and your electricity bill. However, there are so many other considerations after deciding to go solar such as which installation type is right for you. Here are some of the most common installations on the market.

Pitched Roof Solar Panel Installation

This is the most common solar panel system installation seen in residential areas. A pitched roof solar panel installation is for non-flat or angled roofs. The angular shape of the roof and the complex equipment needed to keep the solar panels in place on these types of roofs make the pitched roof solar panel installation the most difficult of all the installations. 

Flat Roof Solar Panel Installation

The flat roof solar panel installation provides flexibility in tilting and orienting solar panels on the roof. For this reason, the flat roof solar panel installation is one of the easier installations. It is the most common on commercial buildings.  

These are the three most common mounting options for flat roof installations: 

  • Ballasted Mount 
  • Mechanically Attached 
  • Hybrid Mount 

A ballasted mount is when weights called ballasts are used to hold solar panels down to the roof instead of bolting them down. An advantage of a ballasted system is that it does not penetrate the roof. However, a ballasted system can only work for large systems in low-wind zones.  

A mechanically attached system is one that is mounted to the posts secured in the roof beams. There is special roof leak protection added to each penetration to prevent any leakage. Mechanically attached systems work for any size systems and can even hold in windy zones. 

A hybrid mount also known as a minimally attached system uses a combination of the ballasted system design and mechanical attachments. This creates a system that has minimal roofing penetrations and security in windy areas. 

Ground Mount Solar Panel Installation

A ground mount solar panel installation is needed when your building may not be suitable for solar installations as a result of its location, size, or orientation. The installation instead takes place on the ground. The installation involves an angled structure made of steel that anchors the solar panels to the ground. A ground mount solar panel installation thus provides you more flexibility and other advantages when considering which type of solar panel system installation to choose. 

There are many options to consider when deciding on which solar panel system installation to choose. Intelligent Green Solutions is here to help you find the perfect option for you and your solar journey. Contact us here.