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Solar on Public Lands

Solar on Public Lands

Today is National Public Lands Day; what better way to appreciate the Earth than to use solar energy for the very lands we are appreciating?

What are Public Lands?

Public lands are managed by local, state or federal governments. They can include city parks, national parks, national recreation areas, monuments, wilderness areas and more. These lands are used by the public.

What Could Solar on Public Lands Do?

When envisioning the Grand Canyon or Gettysburg Battlefield, electricity usage is not the first detail to come to mind. The needs for energy depend on the type of public land.

Energy uses can range from pathway lighting, landscape and general maintenance, information and welcome centers, charging devices and vehicles, events and communication needs.

Also, if excess energy is produced, it can be sent to the grid to offset use in other government-owned facilities.

Why are Public Parks Not Sourced by Solar Yet?

Some people may question whether the solar panels will ruin the landscape, however, solar panels on public lands can be added to structures that are already in place. These can include welcome centers, lampposts, benches and parking meters.

Public parks are managed by the government. To make changes in the energy consumption would require working through the bureaucracy.

The cost of installing solar equipment is also a concern. However, solar may cost more to install, but it is more cost effective overall. After the initial cost is paid, solar does not require a monthly bill which can become very expensive as costs fluctuate.

Examples of Solar on Public Lands

Successful solar implementation projects on public lands have been completed. For specific projects, the national government has provided a webpage with examples of solar energy in national parks.

One way to participate in National Public Lands Day without getting your hands dirty is to support solar initiatives. You can even attend town or city meetings to suggest these solutions to your representatives!

To learn more about how you can get started in your journey with solar energy, contact us through our website.