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NYSEG plans to increase electricity prices by as much as 23% in 2020

NYSEG plans to increase electricity prices by as much as 23% in 2020

Electricity costs are rising. NYSEG increases electricity prices by 23% this year!


A proposal submitted in August of 2019 outlined NYSEG’s plan to raise electric bills by as much as 23%. The proposal would raise the average electric bill by about $11.33 a month. This proposal prompted a public outcry, with over 40 members of the public speaking out at the Binghamton City Council, unanimously opposing the proposal. Those who spoke out called the price hikes exploitative and unaffordable for the average customer. Many also accused NYSEG of not doing enough to battle climate change, as the proposal included the expansion of a major natural gas pipeline.

Eight months later, NYSEG has reached an agreement with state regulators and has announced that customers should expect rates to increase starting May 2020.

NYSEG increases electricity prices!

  • Over 900,000 people in New York will be affected by the rate increases, with over 380,000 residing in upstate New York, including Tompkins County.
  • The exact details of the price increase will not be released until late March.
  • Electricity prices could increase by as much as $11.33 a month.

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