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Outside Sales Representative, NY

We are a family owned business with our headquarters in Ithaca, New York. Founded in 2011, we offer simplified renewable energy solutions to homes and businesses. Looking for a motivated sales representative.

Ithaca, Syracuse & Kingston (New York)
Job Type
Full Time
Sales Experience
1+ Years

What we are seeking:

Self-motivated and Passionate individuals seeking to make an impact within their local community by transforming the way our community uses smarter green energy solutions.

What you will be doing:

Educating customers on smarter ways they can save money on their energy bills and help build a greener community by: tapping into your network to create selling opportunities.

You will work with a support staff, selling materials, and powerful selling tools that will ensure you are spending your time doing what you do best; creating connections and selling opportunities.

What we provide:

Passionate management, support team, and selling tools which will provide you with the training and resources to be successful.

20 years of industry experience in green energy creating a deep knowledge base in this exciting field.


Sales Experience: Every product has a sales process, if you have experience with any type of sales then our team can help mentor and build your success.

Connection to Community: We are looking for a connected individual who will use their strong relationships and networks to help create a greener, responsible future.

Professional Self-Starter: Be professional, show up on time, take pride in your work, respect your coworkers and customers. This position requires you to be self-starter and critical thinker; your success depends on the effort you put into this position.

Job Type: Full-time
Sales: 1+ years
Education: High school or equivalent (Required)
License: Driver’s License (Required)


99 HR Outside Sales Representative
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