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Full Stack Software Developer

The Full Stack Software Developer will be responsible for contributing to the architecture of the enlighten.energy software ecosystem. The candidate must present strong organizational skills and the ability to work independently. Also, it would be required to become an “architect” of the project’s framework and development strategy as it grows in time, keeping track of the software’s version control and workflow tools.

Kraków (Poland) or Aachen (Germany) with remote options (Poland / Germany)
Job Type
Part time / full tome (both options)
Competitive – 7k – 12k PLN / month gross pay based on experience
Contract Type
B2B contract or contract of employment options available based on candidate
Stock Options
Stock options based on tenure and performance with company

For our enlighten.energy project we are looking for an enthusiastic full stack software developer that has the ability to learn on the spot, is ready to contribute to the team and learn together with its members.


Work Qualifications:

● English: proficient, good communication skills

● Proficiency in Python and React (Native) for web/mobile applications

● Strong strategic and critical thinking

● Ability to work independently

● Experience working with full software stack – does not have to be at a company, ideally working on your own projects

● Demonstrate examples of full stack software projects

● IoT technology – integration of hardware with a remote server

● Knowledge of HTTP and MQTT protocols communication structure

● UI/UX experience for mobile applications is an additional asset



99 HR Software Developer
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