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Whitaker Family

Whitaker Family

In the beginning, the Whitaker family was a bit skeptical whether solar would really work in Upstate New York. Let’s walk through their experience with IGS and how the solar system turned their home energy bills upside down.

Spending about $200 / month, with a 10% increase from the previous years energy costs, they had heard from friends about solar and how it could be an option for countering the increasing energy prices. After contacting IGS, their local representative met them on site to understand their energy usage and whether their home would be a good candidate for solar. “Are you sure solar works in upstate NY? It’s always cloudy, raining, or snowing outside”. IGS designs their solar systems considering weather data from the past 20 years to optimize the size of the system and calculate the energy savings from the solar system. If space allows, each system is designed to produce 110% of the annual electric bill. After reviewing the proposal from IGS, the Whitaker’s decided to give the system a GO and start producing their own power!

After the installation, we waited after the first month to see the effect on our energy bills. The first bill came back at less than $20. Amazing. “Solar really does work in New York”.

The Whitaker family will save over $2,400 per year in energy bills, and starting building equity in their home with each monthly payment.