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Striving For US Energy Independence

Striving For US Energy Independence

One of the benefits of solar systems is energy independence. Energy independence means to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, petroleum, and imported oil, and increase our necessity on clean energy, such as solar energy. This will help contribute to better stability economically, politically, and environmentally. Installing solar panels on your roof is one way to achieve energy independence on an individual level. On a national level, installing solar panels on everyone’s roofs is bringing America to absolute energy independence.

Individual Energy Independence

The renewable energy source brings independence to individual users. Solar panels are more valuable to the market when electricity rates continue to rise. Buyers save themselves from high rates by investing in a solar system. The distributed energy generation systems allow buyers to have energy independence since they are dependent on their own electricity source. More specifically, being solar energy independent means knowing exactly where your power is coming from. Having a battery backup system allows buyers to be protected from blackouts because PV panels provide energy stability. Also, the distributed energy generation systems allow buyers to have complete control of their electricity. Purchasers do not worry about any increasing utility rates. In other words, the independent energy market is less volatile than the dependent energy market. Finally, solar is a form of renewable energy, meaning that you can take advantage of the sun’s unlimited resource.

US Energy Independence

Relying on solar energy contributes to greater stability economically, politically, and environmentally. Economically, the country would be spending far less compared to nonrenewable energy and helping US-owned solar energy producers boost economic growth and employment. Employment rates would increase because of the increased number and productivity of U.S. factories. The prices of U.S. solar energy would also be far lower than prices in other countries. Politically, America would have a new political language with its energy position. By relying on domestic energy production, America does not have to import nonrenewable energy outside of the country where it is costly, and political tensions are high. Environmentally, solar energy systems allow buyers to participate in a green economy by reducing fossil fuels and carbon-based emissions that produce greenhouses, improving the quality of American lives.

More people are embracing energy independence by transitioning to solar. The more America continues to transition to renewables, the closer the country will be to be genuinely energy independent. Learn more on how to transition to solar energy with IGS!

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