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IGS is PG&E’s top solar hot water installer

IGS is PG&E’s top solar hot water installer

Receive funding before the last solar hot water program expires

With over 20 years of experience in the field of Solar Hot Water Intelligent Green Solutions (IGS) is an eligible contractor for solar thermal systems and supports customers receive solar hot water funding before Californian program expires.

IGS is PG&E’s top solar hot water installer

Every household and business that uses water can save with a Solar Hot Water System. On average, a household uses over 64 gallons of water every day. With the help of solar energy, money can be saved, and greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced.

Adam Farrell CEO IGS

“As an expert in the field of solar hot water with several thousand installations worldwide, we see how effective this technology is. We are pleased to be a top solar hot water installer and are ready to help our customers be supported by the CSI Thermal program.” – Adam Farrell, CEO of IGS

The installation of a Solar Hot Water System is an investment. PG&E is an utility company in California. It’s current California Solar Initiative (CSI) Thermal program can provide financial assistance of up to $4,000 to help users set up their own system. This only applies to homeowners who currently heat their water with natural gas, not for those who heat with propane or electricity. Furthermore, it should be noted that the incentives are finite. The last applications for the Solar Water Heating program will be accepted on July 31, 2020.

In addition to the CSI there are tax credits available for owners of a solar system.

The amount of the incentive for the individuals depends on the system’s performance. IGS is happy to advise interested parties.