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Floatovoltaics, a New Adaptation

Floatovoltaics, a New Adaptation

Floating solar, or “floatovoltaics,” is exactly as it sounds – solar panels situated on a body of water. What’s the point of this invention? Land is a valuable resource, and humankind is quickly taking advantage of its benefits. Floatovoltaics are an adaptation to this development and create renewable energy while not using land.

What happens if there is a storm?

The simple fact that water landscapes can undergo harsh conditions was considered when designing the floatovoltaic systems. An installation in the Netherlands withstood a cyclone with winds up to 71 miles per hour and waves of over 16 feet in height.

How does it affect marine life?

The implementation of these systems can also improve the ecosystems in which they are situated. It is possible for these systems to serve a dual purpose as a habitat for endangered species and provide energy for human consumption.

How much would it really benefit humans?

Floatovoltaics are an adaptation that can significantly increase energy production. The water acts as a cooling mechanism for the solar panels, making the whole system increasingly efficient and cost effective. The water also cleans the panels to prevent dust accumulation and reduced efficiency.

Why are people excited about it?

Floatovoltaics is a colossal adaptation to the growing energy crisis as well as the depletion of land resources. The oceans are rising with the enduring effects of global climate change. People are excited because floatovoltaics offers the opportunity to use the current situation that humanity has created to possibly change the direction of the future.