Applefest and IGS Open House

Applefest and IGS Open House
August 2010 | For Immediate Release

IGS has been busy introducing solar technology to the Ithaca community these past few weeks! You may have seen us at Applefest, where we featured our solar thermal systems amongst the array of delicious apple treats. Solar energy is a great, sustainable way to heat your water and clean your fruits and vegetables! The event was a success as curious passers-by learned how these strange, evacuated tubes could benefit their energy bills and help reduce their carbon footprint. As well, IGS systems were featured in a home on Cornell Cooperative Extension’s annual Green Buildings Tour, which showcased a number of real-life, solar-powered homes in the Ithaca area for the public. Keep your ears and eyes open for IGS’ Open House, to be scheduled sometime in November. This will be a great opportunity to gain some hands-on experience with solar thermal systems, with the assistance of our trained solar experts.

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