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Andy Matviak's Solar Hot Water System

Andy Matviak’s Solar Hot Water System

Andy Matviak’s Solar Hot Water System

From video shop to furniture supplier, the purpose of the shop in the centre of Sidney has changed over time, but what remains is the solar thermal system on the roof of the building.

Right in the middle of Sidney, New York, is the company of Andy Matviak, who decided many years ago to have a solar thermal system built on the roof. The Intelligent Green Solutions team installed Sunmaxx Solar‘s Solar Hot Water System in the center of the Delaware County village.
Matviak has lived in Sydney since 1973, has owned Entertainment Plus since 1983, and has been mayor of the city for nine years now. He has been using solar thermal since 2008.

IGS installed a solar hot water system on PV Waldron's, Sidney

IGS installed a solar hot water system on VP Waldron’s, Sidney

Customer Testimonial

IGS is happy to have him as a satisfied customer. His statement about the solar system: “As a customer of IGS for about a decade, I have had nothing but pleasant experiences with the sales and service staff. My solar hot water system has been fully operational for that time with no issues whatsoever.”

Andy Matviak, a happy customer of IGS

Andy Matviak

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