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Why Choose IGS? There are a lot of reasons. Here are just a few...

Claim your energy independence today with real returns on affordable investments of any size.

At Intelligent Green Solutions we aim to build a sustainable future for our community. In light of climate change and sustainability issues, consumers are questioning what steps they can take to preserve our limited resources and protect the future of our environment.

Intelligent Green Solutions identifies, designs and installs systems that will dramatically reduce the energy expenses of your home and the carbon footprint of your lifestyle.

Additionally, solar energy systems enhance the value of your property, ultimately putting money back into your pocket.

Central New York's Premier Solar Thermal Installer and Energy Efficiency Consultant.

IGS has a committed and knowledgeable staff of trained technicians and service consultants to ensure the quality of your solar system's installation from start to finish. Our direct supplier relationship provides customers with the highest-quality solar equipment at affordable prices. Based on our roots in Ithaca, New York, IGS is committed to building local relationships with customers in the community. IGS is also a proud supporter of Bringing Jobs Back to America!

Advancements in the science and engineering of green technology have made solar energy a feasible alternative to the use of traditional fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas.

Numerous product innovations have helped solar technology achieve the cost-effectiveness and returns-on-investment necessary to be integrated into the local, national, and global economy. Federal and state governments have recognized the potential of the solar industry by offering a number of rebate programs that provide taxpayers with substantial financial incentives towards the purchase of a solar energy system.

Total Energy Reduction & Management

IGS Commercial Energy Consumption


Being more efficient with your energy consumption is the first painless step in cutting your energy costs with IGS.

IGS Commercial Energy Generation


High-efficiency solar hot water and electric systems further reduce your reliance on expensive traditional energy sources.

IGS Commercial Energy Monitoring


Track your energy consumption, your solar energy production and only pay for the energy you use with our monitoring.

Our Solar Hot Water Installation Process: ~60 Days

Our Process: Step 1

1. Survey, Design & Permits

Your solar professional will evaluate your solar needs, size and design the proper solar energy system for your needs and arrange for all permits needed to complete your installation

Our Process: Step 2

2. Install The System

IGS' professional solar installers will arrive at your building and install your new solar energy system where your site audit determined it would be most effective

Our Process: Step 3

3. Inspect The Installation

IGS will completely inspect the entire solar energy system installation and ensure that all components are safely and securely installed and that there are problems that may arise later on

Our Process: Step 4

4. Turn On The System

After installation and inspection your system will be commissioned and turned on - congratulations, you now have a dramatically reduced energy bill using today's best energy efficiency practices and solar energy systems!

What Our Customers Say

What has impressed me most about IGS is their dedication, not just to doing the job and fulfilling our contract, but to assuring that the result is as good as it can be, going beyond what is required to get to what's needed to make the system perform not just well, but excellently.

- Tim and Susan of Brooktondale, NY

Why Choose IGS

Riverlea Farms

Homeland Security Building

Company Guide

IGS Commercial Energy Consumption

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Solar Power & Energy Management

Energy costs are a constant concern for businesses, especially with continued increases in utility rates, a slower economy, and sky-rocketing overheads. No matter what size your business is, commercial solar energy systems are an effective method of reducing your energy bill and achieving economic efficiency.

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Solar Power & Energy Management

As home budgets become tighter at the same time that energy costs are spiking (with no ceiling in sight), it is more important than ever that homeowners across the United States, and around the world, find every possible way to slash their energy costs and balance their home budgets.

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Featured IGS Solar Installations

Commercial / Industrial

A&A Gas n Grub
Farmersville, CA


  • Building Type:Gas Station / Diner
  • Collector Type:Flat Plates
  • Collector Model:TitanPower-ALDH29-V3

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Winery / Brewery

Papgani Winery


  • Building Type:Winery
  • Collector Type:Flat Plates
  • Collector Model:TitanPower-ALDH29-V3

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Hotel / Resort

Staybridge Suites / Marriott
Fort Worth, TX

July 2015

  • Building Type:Hotel
  • Collector Type:Flat Plates
  • Collector Model:TitanPower-ALDH29

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Help Us Grow Our Solar Community

Our referral program is very simple. We believe that together, You and IGS can build a cleaner, greener community. When you refer your friends and family to IGS, you give them the opportunity to go solar just like you…and we give you some cold hard cash as a thank you.

The more people you refer, the more money you can make…and the bigger our solar community will grow!

How Much Can You Make?
  • Referred leads must be a home or business owner
  • You will be paid $150 / residential lead that purchases a solar power system
  • You will be paid $350 / commercial lead that purchases a solar power system
IGS Solar Referral Program

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