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Semmler Video Transcript:
I’m John Semmler, I chose SunMaxx and IGS because I met the people that were involved with the company. I actually went to an Open House that IGS had just had at their office in Varna… they were very helpful in getting me design information and a proposal. I had wanted to deal with local companies, to help support our local economy and they fit the bill! Jason [our sales rep] gave me references of other projects that they had completed, and I spoke with quite a few of them (not all), and they all gave glowing reports of their systems and the people that were involved, so I decided to go ahead and do it. I used the SunMaxx tubes on the roof, and a glycol system with storage tanks in the basement and I’ve been telling everyone that there’s no greater thrill than going down and feeling that glycol at 150 degrees coming off the roof on a sunny day, which hopefully we’ll have many more of. So the system is working, providing increased water temperature going into the boiler and then being circulated into various heating needs here at my house.

As a friend of mine said it’s the right thing to do. I think environmentally we have to be looking at alternative energy sources. …it occurred to me last summer that I have an exhaust fan taking hot air out of the roof (which is generated by the sun hitting the roof), and then I’m using propane to heat my hot water…it just seems counterintuitive to be doing that kind of thing. So why not put the sun to some use, providing energy needs for me? (From my experience I’ve) figured out how it works, and how it can interface with existing systems that the homeowner has. I’ve learned more about the whole application of solar thermal systems to residential properties. The people who do the installation are very committed to doing quality jobs, they work hard and do the best that they can for the homeowner, and that’s important. I felt they were really committed to making it work and work well.

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