Intelligent Green Solutions Explores Solar Hot Water Solutions for New York City Apartment Buildings

Intelligent Green Solutions Explores Solar Hot Water Solutions for New York City Apartment Buildings
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New York located apartment building in Brooklyn integrates smart solar hot water energy solutions provided by IGS. The
solar hot water system will reduce the facility’s carbon footprint and energy consumption over the next thirty years.

IGS innovations team designed, engineered, and installed a low maintenance solar thermal hot water system to meet the
building’s goals of reducing the energy consumption of its facility. Not only will the building become more sustainable
after adding the solar system, but it will also reap a variety of additional benefits. By adding a solar thermal system to the facility,
the owner is now able to increase the net operating income, impacting how the property is capitalized. Additionally, the
owner now receives the federal solar tax credit and the accelerated depreciation benefit. These essentially allow owners of
solar systems to reduce the cost of the system by fifty percent.

“Multifamily complexes gain an incredible amount of property benefits by adding a solar system. Not only does
the installation of solar support the green initiative and save money, but it increases the overall value of the property. It’s
really a win-win situation for everyone involved, and even those who aren’t.” Says Adam Farrell, CEO and Founder at

An added benefit of the solar hot water system installed in Brooklyn is that it is decentralized and so it always provides
redundancy to the apartments. In the event that the energy goes out, the solar hot water system acts as a backup energy
provider for the building. This way, no matter what problems the power company may have, the building will always be
supported and functional.

*For more information on renewable energy solutions for your home or business, please contact Nicolette Nordmark in
Intelligent Green Solution’s Marketing Department at 607.644.6475.

Intelligent Green Solutions, founded in 2010, is based in Ithaca, New York with over 4,000 renewable energy systems
installed worldwide. IGS New York facilities are located in Ithaca, servicing the span of the east coast. Our total energy
management solution offerings include photovoltaics (PV), solar thermal, smart heat pumps, and electric mobility
systems. At IGS we aim to build a sustainable future for our community through education and expert installation. Our
focus is on delivering cutting edge technology at affordable prices and so we offer creative payment options from leasing
to partnerships in order to best fit any budget.

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