IGS Showcases Solar Thermal Technology at Clean Energy Summit

IGS Showcases Solar Thermal Technology at Clean Energy Summit
September 2010 | For Immediate Release

There is no doubt that renewable green energy is becoming more and more of an eminent issue for the average American consumer. Concerns regarding climate change, reliance on international resources, and maintaining an ecosystem that will last into the future have all brought significant attention to the solar energy industry, which has been largely under the radar for the past decade or so. In light of these issues, Ithaca College hosted the Clean Energy Summit on the 17th of September, focusing on the future of a green economy in upstate New York. The event was a great opportunity for individuals to learn more about sustainability and the solar energy industry in particular, as many eco-friendly companies from around the Finger Lakes area joined to exhibit the latest news and technologies emerging in solar energy. Of course, Intelligent Green Solutions participated in the event, showcasing its evacuated tubes for solar thermal heating, and illustrating the numerous benefits and practicality of installing a solar system in your own home. The event was a major success, connecting students, businesses, and members of government (including US Representative for the 22nd District of New York, Maurice Hinchey) to the concept of a green future.

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