IGS Installs Solar Hot Water System At Suds & Shine Car Wash In Oneonta NY

IGS Installs Solar Hot Water System At Suds & Shine Car Wash In Oneonta NY
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  • Project Type: Commercial / Industrial
  • Customer: Suds & Shine Car Wash
  • Location: Oneonta, NY
  • Collector Type: Evacuated Tubes
  • Collector Model: ThermoPower-VHP30

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March 2015 | For Immediate Release

Intelligent Green Solutions (IGS) recently completed installation and commissioning of a new solar hot water system at the Suds & Shine Car Wash in Oneonta, NY. The solar hot water system will offset about 33% of the total hot water usage at the car wash.

The system is built using 4 ThermoPower-VHP30 (30 tube) evacuated tube solar collectors. IGS’ partner SunMaxx Solar provided the solar collectors and other solar system components (including the system controller and storage tank). IGS provided all of the engineering and installation services for the system.

The system was completed in late March 2015 and is designed to provide more than 16,500 kwh of energy per year, which at the current NY state average electric price will save the car wash more than $2,400 the first year. Assuming a 3% annual increase in energy prices (below the average), the system will provide a cumulative energy savings of more than $46,000 over 15 years.

The Suds & Shine solar hot water system is the first car wash solar hot water system for IGS, but several others are already lined up in the coming months based on the success of the Oneonta, NY system. A complete breakdown of the Suds & Shine solar hot water system can be found here: Suds & Shine Car Wash Reference Project

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