IGS Installs Solar Hot Water System At Papagani Winery In Madera CA

IGS Installs Solar Hot Water System At Papagani Winery In Madera CA
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  • Project Type: Winery / Brewery
  • Customer: Papgani Winery
  • Location: Madera
  • Collector Type: Flat Plates
  • Collector Model: TitanPower-ALDH29-V3

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2017 | For Immediate Release

IGS recently completed installation of a large solar hot water system at the Papagani Winery in Madera, CA. The solar hot water system, which was procured from SunMaxx Solar, will assist in offsetting the Papagani’s daily cleaning and processing, with a total energy offset of approximately 20-30%.

The system features 90 TitanPowerPlus-ALDH29-V3 flat plate solar collectors from SunMaxx Solar and will save the winery thousands of dollars a year in energy costs.

IGS CEO Adam Farrell was excited about working with the winery, and the exciting opportunities in assisting these types of businesses save on their energy costs using today’s latest solar energy technologies.

Installation of the Papagani Winery solar hot water system was finished in mid 2017, and is already saving Papagani thousands of dollars off of their operating budget.

Because wineries are one of the largest energy users in the food industries, it is imperative that they look for every opportunity to cut energy cost and waste, and Papagani is discovering that a solar hot water system is one of the most cost-effective ways of achieving this goal.

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