IGS Installs Solar Hot Water System At A&A Gas N Grub In Farmersville CA

IGS Installs Solar Hot Water System At A&A Gas N Grub In Farmersville CA
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  • Project Type: Commercial / Industrial
  • Customer: A&A Gas n Grub
  • Location: Farmersville, CA
  • Collector Type: Flat Plates
  • Collector Model: TitanPower-ALDH29-V3

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2017 | For Immediate Release

IGS recently installed a state-of-the-art solar hot water system on the A&N Gas n Grub in Farmersville, CA. The solar hot water system will offset the stations energy costs while helping present a greener, more eco-friendly face to the business.

The solar hot water system will be used in daily cleaning operations as well as food preparation and other typical hot water uses, such as hot water for faucets, etc. IGS designed, sold and installed the system, responsible every step of the way.

The system is built with 10 TitanPowerPlus ALDH29 V3 flat plate solar collectors from SunMaxx Solar, IGS’ preferred solar energy system provider. Given energy rates, A&A is expected to save thousands of dollars a year in energy costs thanks to the new solar hot water system.

Installation was completed in late 2017, and it is a benchmark system for IGS, showcasing the potential uses of solar hot water systems for gas stations and eateries throughout California and across the US.

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