IGS Expands To West Coast With Two New Locations In California

IGS Expands To West Coast With Two New Locations In California
Feb 2018 | For Immediate Release

Building on strong growth since 2015, IGS recently expanded its operations to the west coast with the opening of two new locations in California. The first west coast location opened was in Bakersfield, CA to service central and northern California. This was followed by a second location in San Diego to service southern California.

Both locations provide sales, logistical and technical support to the IGS team as well as customers in those regions. Additionally, the local presence of these locations helps IGS better understand the needs of its local customers and to provide faster, localized support when needed.

IGS now has multiple locations on both the east coast and the west coast. In NY, IGS locations include Ithaca, Bainbridge and New York City – servicing the Northeast. In Delaware and Maryland, IGS has 1 location in each state to service the mid-Atlantic region.

The two locations in California will help IGS provide the same level of support to west coast customers as it has been providing since 2010 on the east coast.

These new facilities have been the jumping off point for IGS in working with several new high-profile customers in recent months, including large chain gas stations, hotels and motels and prestigious California wineries. Projections indicate continued strong growth for IGS in 2018, and continued expansion to meet the needs of their ever-growing customer base.

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