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The Hudson Valley is the ideal destination for anyone looking for the perfect mix of city-life and scenic views of nature’s beauty. Nestled along the Hudson River, the Hudson Valley is home to thousands of residents across 10 counties, from Westchester County right outside of New York City, to the northern regions in Albany. The area boasts a number of natural parks and hiking trails, such as the Bear Mountain State Park, but also has a variety of restaurants and shopping centers to fulfill your entertainment needs.

With its respect for the natural environment and its thriving economic sector, the Hudson Valley region holds a substantial amount of potential for the young solar thermal market. Intelligent Green Solutions is prepared to spread solar power throughout the area and more importantly, to help make the area as energy-independent as possible. Sustained economic development in the Hudson Valley has increased its demand for energy sources, and what better provider than the free, renewable energy of the sun? Organizations like The Solar Energy Consortium, and Hudson Valley Solar Co-op have already recognized the potential of solar technology in reducing our environmental impact on the world, as well as reducing our expenditures on harmful oil and gas sources.

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