Complete Turnkey Solar Microgrids For Developing & Power-Instable Areas


Commercial Solar Electric

Why Choose A Solar Microgrid

Around the world, more than 1.5 billion people do not have access to reliable (or any) electrical power. Though not entirely, this is predominantly a rural problem. For instance, in India alone, there are roughly 256 million rural people without electric access.

Solar powered microgrids are the perfect solution for this problem. While connecting a rural community to an existing central power grid is overwhelmingly expensive and takes years, a solar microgrid is very affordable and can be completed in just 30-90 days (from initial design to completed installation).

Popular Applications

  • Resorts and hotels
  • Hospitals and aid stations
  • Communications towers / equipment
  • Large pumping / irrigation systems
  • Rural community homes
Commercial Solar Electric

Total Energy Reduction & Management

IGS Commercial Energy Consumption


Being more efficient with your energy consumption is the first painless step in cutting your energy costs with IGS.

IGS Commercial Energy Generation


High-efficiency solar hot water and electric systems further reduce your reliance on expensive traditional energy sources.

IGS Commercial Energy Monitoring


Track your energy consumption, your solar energy production and only pay for the energy you use with our monitoring.

Our Solar Hot Water Installation Process: ~60 Days

Our Process: Step 1

1. Survey, Design & Permits

Your solar professional will evaluate your solar needs, size and design the proper solar energy system for your needs and arrange for all permits needed to complete your installation

Our Process: Step 2

2. Install The System

IGS' professional solar installers will arrive at your building and install your new solar energy system where your site audit determined it would be most effective

Our Process: Step 3

3. Inspect The Installation

IGS will completely inspect the entire solar energy system installation and ensure that all components are safely and securely installed and that there are problems that may arise later on

Our Process: Step 4

4. Turn On The System

After installation and inspection your system will be commissioned and turned on - congratulations, you now have a dramatically reduced energy bill using today's best energy efficiency practices and solar energy systems!

Features & Benefits

Complete turnkey systems available (both installed worldwide and material packages ready to ship)

  • Typical system sizes from 10KW - 20MW
  • Typical energy price $0.15 - $0.40 (depending on the site location and power load requirements)
  • Great in developing areas in the Caribbean and Central/South America (such as Panama, the Bahamas) and the Pacific (such as the Phillipines, Malaysia, India and more) - anywhere with grid instability or no power grid
  • Made in the USA systems and components with a 10-year warranty

How Much Can You Save?

How Can You Save With Commercial Solar Electric

Help Us Grow Our Solar Community

Our referral program is very simple. We believe that together, You and IGS can build a cleaner, greener community. When you refer your friends and family to IGS, you give them the opportunity to go solar just like you…and we give you some cold hard cash as a thank you.

The more people you refer, the more money you can make…and the bigger our solar community will grow!

How Much Can You Make?
  • Referred leads must be a home or business owner
  • You will be paid $150 / residential lead that purchases a solar power system
  • You will be paid $350 / commercial lead that purchases a solar power system
IGS Solar Referral Program

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