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Commercial Energy Efficiency & Management

Total Energy Efficiency & Management

IGS Energy Efficiency: Lighting


In a typical business setting, lighting accounts for roughly 25% of total energy use. Cutting down the energy used in lighting is a surefire way to help curb energy costs. A number of options are available, including lighting timers, the use of less lighting throughout your facilities and upgrading to lower-energy-use LED lighting systems.

IGS Energy Efficiency: Heating & Cooling

Heating & Cooling

Heating and cooling are the next biggest culprits in commercial energy use. Space heating accounts for more 14% of a business’ energy costs on average and cooling accounts for a little over 13% of total energy use. Limiting heat loss through proper insulation and ensuring that your heating and cooling systems are running at their best.

IGS Energy Efficiency: Hot Water

Hot Water

The next biggest energy expense for the average business is water heating. Typically, water heating accounts for almost 7% of total energy costs. Ensuring that your hot water system is running as efficient as possible, and possibly integrating a solar hot water system are crucial in cutting energy costs in this area of your energy expenses.

IGS Energy Efficiency: Energy Monitoring

Online Monitoring

The final key to our powerful energy efficiency and management is to provide you with instant access to an online view of your power generation and consumption, allowing to instantly see any problems or peak times when your energy usage is costing you and where cutbacks may be made to increase your energy savings as best as possible.

Our Total Energy Efficiency & Management Process

Our Process Energy Efficiency: Step 1

1. Scheduling & Survey

Our Process Energy Efficiency: Step 2

2. Energy Checkup

Our Process Energy Efficiency: Step 3

3. Energy Upgrades

Our Process Energy Efficiency: Step 4

4. Inspection & Monitoring

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